Ehsan Food Aid

With rising costs in our economy, many are struggling to afford basic food needs. 10 to 14 percent of Singaporeans are facing severe financial issues, with approximately 387,000 having difficulty affording their basic essentials. 

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Ensure no one goes hungry, no matter their circumstances

Our Ehsan Food Aid project aims to provide various forms of food assistance to those who need it most. Be it grocery hampers or cooked meals, we support needy families, migrant workers, and the elderly with their daily food needs, ensuring that no one is left hungry.

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Ehsan Food Aid:
Share A Meal 

In 2020, 10% of Singaporeans experience food insecurity. For those struggling financially, they find difficulty in eating regular meals. Most of these individuals work long, laborious hours with little income. 
Through our Share a Meal programme, we aim to provide hot meals to these vulnerable and underprivileged members of the community - which includes low-income families and our migrant workers.

By providing hot, nutritious meals, we hope to bring a smile to their faces and lighten their worries. With every contribution you make, you will help to lighten the challenges of struggling individuals in our community. 




10 to 14 percent of Singaporeans struggle with severe financial issues. An estimated 387,000 Singaporeans have difficulty affording their basic needs. 
Help ease the financial constraints of struggling families by providing an Ehsan Food Hamper. One hamper consists of a month’s worth of essential grocery items for a family of five to seven. 

Ehsan Food Aid: 
Ehsan Food

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I am glad to receive a food hamper from Global Ehsan Relief. They really showed concern, especially to elders who live alone like me. I hope that Global Ehsan Relief will continue their mission to help those in need.

Mdm Rumini, Ehsan Food Hamper Beneficiary 

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From Just $10

Provide a meal for the needy

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From Just $30

Provide 3 meals for migrant workers

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From Just $50

Provide 1 Food Aid Hamper




Providing Assistance the caregiver in Singapore who are struggling

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 Families live and thrive in a clean as well as dignified home

Small act of kindness can make the world a better vibes.