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Home Aid Project

Through this project, GER Singapore refurbishes homes to give it a new life. Donate today to allow families to live and thrive in a clean and dignified home.


What is Home Aid Project 

Home Aid Project recognises how challenging it can be for families and individuals in providing basic needs for themselves . Families from lower socio-economic strata often struggle to keep up with the high cost of living. 

Why Should We Contribute

Everyone deserves a comfortable living space  where they can call home. Allow families to live and thrive in a clean as well as dignified home by generously contributing to this project. 

How Your Contribution Works

Through this project, donors can fundraise / provide our beneficiaries with new home appliances such as a fan, stove and vacuum cleaner. You can donate from as low as $50 today. 

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Mdm Amira and her husband are struggling to make ends meet for their family of six children , four of whom have special needs. They need a proper sleeping mattresses for the whole family as they are currently sleeping on blankets on the cold floor.She has a passion on cooking but unfortunately , she has been cooking from a 10-year-old stove that has seen rusty.

Mdm Amira , Home Aid Project Beneficiary



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