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Home Aid


Give underprivileged families a beautiful home to call their own.

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Ibn 'Abbas R.A. informed Ibn az-Zubayr R.A.: I heard the Prophet S.A.W. say: "He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry." (Sahih Albani)

While some Singaporeans are busy upgrading to bigger flats, racking our brains on the ideal home renovation, there exists a marginal group of us who don't even own a proper stove, much less the capability to overhaul their living space. This Home Aid Project aims to help the help-deserving HDB dwellers that stays in 1,2 or 3 room flats.  

This isn't simply another renovation make over, this is one big revamp that aims to transform individuals, heal families and create a new start to their lives. Enabling the elderly or disabled to navigate their homes safely... Finding ways to make space work for individual needs... From decluttering homes to re-inventing space.

Their homes will be re - invented through a complete makeover of their living space, with a total wavier of the renovation fees. We help renovate the homes of needy families around Singapore - each with its distinct challenges - From a struggling single mother serving time to an elderly couple slowly driven apart by clutter.

We have transformed 5 selected families, and in the process, created user-friendly designs, tearing down barriers to communication and building bridges to reconnect family members. We have also rallied volunteers - from kind sponsors of furniture to helpers and packers from all walks of life.

Most of these families are chosen based on the unique challenges they face as a family unit, problems that go beyond bread and butter issues. 

The challenges may seem daunting but the families are on the cusp of positive change. These deserving families in need of a home makeover as Global Ehsan  renew their lives by transforming their living spaces!


phase 1: decluttering & cleaning

phase 2: painting

phase 3: installation of new furnitures


Multiply your rewards this Ramadhan while supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community


Build A Comfortable Home  

Mdm Amira and her husband are struggling to make ends meet for their family of six children, four of whom have special needs.

We provide proper sleeping mattresses for the family as they are currently sleeping on blankets on the cold floor.

At the same time, we provide them better home appliances for the family.

Mdm Amira has a passion for cooking but unfortunately , she has been cooking from a 10-year-old stove that has seen better days.  

We at Global Ehsan Relief are reaching out to you to provide relief  for their hardship today.


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