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At Global Ehsan Relief (Singapore), we believe that every underprivileged individual in the world deserves the right to a happy, safe and healthy life. We focus on sustainable solutions to support the most needy communities in Singapore.

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The Ehsan Baby Care Package will provide a struggling family with baby milk powder and diapers to last the entire month for their young child. Help provide a young child with a better start to life by donating to this campaign.

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These children are gifted with different abilities that should be honed and celebrated. Some parents are struggling with other costs that they have to bear. Contribute today to provide a better future for these special-needs children.


Raising a family can be a big challenge if one is not prepared financially, especially in Singapore. The responsibility of raising a child becomes heavier when it doing alone. Help lighten the burden of these strong individuals.

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Most elderly people face different difficulties and struggles - be it financial, mental or physical challenges. Contribute to a better standard of living for these elderlies by donating to this project. 


Every child deserves to go to school with only one thing in mind – to learn and become the best version of themselves. By providing financial assistance to fund their education, will enable these children to pursue their biggest dreams.


We want to ensure widows and children will be able to receive ample support, especially when they have nowhere else to turn to. By giving donation, you will be able to lighten their difficulties by covering their basic needs.