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Care For Orphaned


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What is Care For Orphaned Families 

It’s hard to imagine being the sole individual responsible for raising your children. But this is the sad reality for widows, who not only have to deal with the loss they have faced, but also have to put on a strong front for the sake of their kids.

Why Should We

We want to ensure widows and children can receive sufficient support when they have nowhere else to turn to. By donating to the campaign, you will be able to lessen their difficulties by covering their basic needs and improving their standard of living. 

How Your Contribution Works

For just $150, you can help support a struggling widow and her children by providing them with groceries and cash to last them a whole month. Your donation will provide a valuable lifeline when families suffer the trauma of losing their sole breadwinner.

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Even though I am disabled and a single mother, I have to be strong, keep moving forward and be positive to raise my children, especially the one with ADHD. On top of that, I am also living with my dad who suffers from COPD Stage 4. I am beyond grateful for the support given by Global Ehsan Relief.

Care For Orphaned Families Beneficiary 


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