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Ehsan Baby Care

The Ehsan Baby Care Package will provide a struggling family with baby milk powder and diapers to last the entire month for their young child. Help provide a young child with a better start to life by donating to this campaign.


What is Ehsan Baby Care

Our Ehsan Baby Care campaign aims to provide low-income families with a month's supply of baby milk powder & diapers for their babies, as well as the essentials they need to grow up well and healthy. 

Why Should We Contribute

In times of hardship, many parents are struggling to provide the best for their children. Not all are able to nurture and shower their kids with the utmost love. Most of the time, there is only one breadwinner in the family. Hence it is challenging and mentally draining, at the same time financially pressuring. 

How Your Contribution Works

Your $100 donation will be used to supply them with vital milk formula and diapers for their little ones & provide relief to these families. With your help, they will be able to find other means for their sustenance and lessen their worries each month. 

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The care package came at the right time - especially for the youngest, Mirza, who is only five months old and has just started drinking milk formula.

Ms Yana, Mother of Ehsan Baby Care Beneficiary



Our Track Record :

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Amount that was disbursed for Ehsan Baby Care in 2021


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