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Caring for the underprivileged and providing them with basic necessities such as food and clean clothing, as well as educational opportunities, increases their chances of becoming productive residents of their communities. 


Ehsan Food Hampers

This project allows the public to contribute by providing non-perishable food items or donate $50 for Food Hampers to 100 needy families. Help provide the less fortunate with food today.


Share - A - Meal

In this trying times, we are coming forward to provide free meals to low-income beneficiaries with hopes of lightening their struggles even for a day. Help us provide food on the table for these families by contributing today.


Ehsan Hardship Fund

There are individuals whose livelihood is at risk during this global pandemic. Despite the assistance given, they are still struggling daily. Your donation will lighten their challenges.


Care For Homeless

There are still homeless people in Singapore. Our donations have reached out to over 100 homeless individuals, young and old. You can contribute a better standard of living to these individuals through our Welfare Kits.

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Home Aid Project

Through this project, GER Singapore refurbishes homes to give it a new life. Donate today to allow families to live and thrive in a clean and dignified home.

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Kindness Day

Kindness Day aims to build an inclusive and caring society by encouraging graciousness regardless of race, language, or religion. Help us spread kindness by either contributing your time, financially or other means that you can!


Livelihood Programme

More individuals are venturing into their own home-business during these challenging times. Help provide capital for low-income individuals to kickstart their business.