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Share A Meal

Our Share A Meal project aims to provide various forms of food assistance to those who need it most. Help provide the less fortunate with food today.


What is Share A Meal

In 2020, 10% of Singaporeans experienced food insecurity. For those struggling financially, they find difficulty in eating regular meals. Most of these individuals work long, laborious hours with little income. 

Why Should We Contribute

Through our Share a Meal programme, we aim to provide hot meals to these vulnerable and underprivileged members of the community - which includes low-income families and our migrant workers.

How Your Contribution Works

We hope to bring a smile to their faces and lighten their worries. With every contribution you make, you will be feeding those in need with a nutritious meal they might not get daily.

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Our Track Record :


Amount that was disbursed for Share A Meal in 2021


Number of Share A Meal beneficiaries we've helped in 2021

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