This programme is held bi-monthly to provide relief to the Urban poor in Singapore. 

Some families can’t afford to be sick and are living paycheck to paycheck. As the global economy is disrupted due to the pandemic, they are some of the most affected in Singapore. Work-from-home is not a viable option for most, resulting in pay cuts and temporary closure of businesses. It’s inevitable as they are now financially crippled. 


The financial strain is causing emotional distress. In this time, we are coming forward to provide free meals to low-income beneficiaries with hopes of lightening their struggles even for a day. Join us in helping Singaporeans through these challenging times.

Do you know that wealth inequality and poverty exists in Singapore?


Singapore has been ranked one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Even so, there are Urban poor living amongst us.

Generally, the work involves volunteers who are vehicle-owners, drivers and delivery personnel reporting to a venue to pack food items. In view of Covid-19 measures, Global Ehsan Relief will not be acquiring volunteers till the situation has eased. 


Click below to sign up as a volunteer for future opportunities. 

Provide free meals for Singapore’s less fortunate.