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Hardship Fund

Help provide assistance to the caregivers in Singapore

What is Ehsan
Hardship Fund 

At Global Ehsan Relief, we are calling out for a collective effort to help the most desperate. It is in hardships that our faith is tested and we will emerge to become the best version of ourselves. 

Why Should We

Weeks into the global pandemic, Singaporeans are staying put at home. While there are many who are easily transitioning to the new "normal", there are still many whose livelihood is at risk. They are struggling despite the financial support given, considering the additional support required.

How Your Contribution Works

We are giving out $200 in cash plus a $50 voucher for them to sustain financially by having 3 meals a day at least, during these hard times. Your small contribution could help the lives of others even for a day, both the children and parents.

I am the sole breadwinner and I support my mother and elder sister financially by working odd jobs. I am very thankful to have received monetary assistance from Global Ehsan Relief. It helps to relief our hardship. 

Puan Zubaidah, 
Ehsan Hardship Fund Beneficiary 


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Livelihood Programme

Provide them with tools to upgrade themselves

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 Inclusive and caring society by encouraging graciousness

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Ehsan Food Hampers

Ensure no one goes  hungry, that could last a month


Share A

Provide free meals to those in need during their struggle.