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Ehsan Hardship Fund

There are individuals whose livelihood is at risk during this global pandemic. Despite the assistance given, they are still struggling daily. Your donation will lighten their challenges.


What is Ehsan Hardship Fund 

Our Ehsan Hardship Fund was first launched back in 2020, during the Circuit Breaker period. The aim was to aid lower income households who were already struggling financially, those who were affected by the loss of job and those with chronic illnesses that prevented them from seeking employment. 

Why Should We Contribute

Due to the shifting economy, many are unable to care for their families. With so many low-income families affected, it's hard to imagine the challenges that they go through daily.

How Your Contribution Works

Our Ehsan Hardship Fund provides assistance to caregivers and low-income families who are struggling financially. 

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 I am the sole breadwinner of my family and I support my mother and elder sister financially, by working odd jobs. I am very thankful to have received monetary assistance from Global Ehsan Relief. It might not seem like much, but it has helped to relief our hardship.

Ms Zahidah , Ehsan Hardship Fund Beneficiary

Ehsan Hardship Fund


Our Track Record :


Amount that was disbursed for Ehsan Hardship Fund in 2021


Number of Ehsan Hardship Fund beneficiaries we've helped in 2021

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