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Ehsan Food Hampers

Our Ehsan Food Hampers project aims to provide various forms of food assistance to those who need it most. Help provide the less fortunate with food today.


What is Ehsan Food Hampers

Our Ehsan Food Hamper project aims to provide various forms of food assistance to those who need it the most. Be it grocery hampers or cooked meals, we support needy families, migrant workers and the elderly with their daily food needs, ensuring that no one is left hungry. 

Why Should We Contribute

This could also vary due to the health situation of its family members. For families with members suffering from lifelong illnesses like diabetes or heart problems, the struggle to put food on the table after covering medical bills is immense.

How Your Contribution Works

Help ease the financial constraints of struggling families by providing an Ehsan Food Hamper. One hamper consists of a month’s worth of essential grocery items such as rice, oil and noodles for a family of five to seven. 

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 I am glad to receive a food hamper from Global Ehsan Relief. They really showed concern, especially to elders who live alone like me. I hope that Global Ehsan Relief will continue their mission to help those in need. Thank you to the Global Ehsan Relief team. 

Mdm Rumini , Ehsan Food Hamper Beneficiary



Our Track Record :


Amount that was disbursed for Ehsan Food Hampers in 2021


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