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Care For The Elderly

Most elderly people face different difficulties and struggles - be it financial, mental or physical challenges. Contribute to a better standard of living for these elderlies by donating to this project. 

The elderly who are trapped in the cycle of poverty are now struggling to provide for themselves, moreover as their health declines. Many have no children or family who can support them; some of them even live alone.
Most of them live off what’s left of their CPF income after their retirement age, with some having as low as $250 a month to pay for bills, daily necessities such as meals, adult diapers, groceries and monetary aid . Moreover for some, they still need to continue working in order to pay off their bills and continue a decent standard of living.

How Your Contribution Works

For just $150, you can provide an elder with a personalized package to meet their needs. Donate now and give them some peace of mind during their silver years.
We aim to provide assistance to these vulnerable elders by supplying them with essentials such as groceries, cooked meals and cash. We also provide other necessities such as adult diapers to those who need it.

Why Should We Contribute

How Your Contribution Works

A new project initiated by Global Ehsan Relief Singapore, in collaboration with Yishun 71. The aim is to uplift seniors residing in a block in Yishun, provide them with daily essentials as well as extending a helping hand to them. 

Why Should We Contribute

By supporting these elderlies monthly, you will be able to provide them with necessities such as groceries, adult diapers, ready-to-eat meals and house monetary aid.

* When you contribute $250 every month, you will also get their Profile Booklet and be able to get to know them better!

1) What is Care For The Elderly

2) What is Adopt An Elder about?

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Before this, the diapers that we bought are expensive and we usually order it from the shop downstairs, which I will then collect. It's quite troublesome for me. I was overjoyed and thankful when Global Ehsan Relief gave the diapers and the food hamper, it helped us greatly.

Mother of Hj Salleh , Care For Elderly Beneficiary

CFE Anchor


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