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What a Meal Means to Them

Updated: May 15

In early March this year, our Global Ehsan Relief Singapore team and dedicated volunteers distributed 200 Bento sets of Nasi Lemak, as well as fruits and beverages to beneficiaries living at Bukit Merah as part of our Share A Meal project. Our efforts were aided by Kak Ara, our Volunteer in-charge at Bukit Merah along with her team of volunteers.

For most of us, we have a harder time deciding what to have for lunch or dinner, rather than finding it difficult to pay for our meals. However, for our beneficiaries, it's a challenge for them to even eat regular meals.

One of our beneficiaries shared: “Sometimes if someone gives me food, I won’t cook for the day, or if my children bring home food, they will eat their food and it helps with not having to cook for that day. Sometimes it feels suffocating because only my husband is working, hence buying groceries to cook can be expensive for us. A day of expenses for groceries can amount up to $30. I’m not employed and aid is not always guaranteed. This one meal is not as important to me as it is for my children.”

Another beneficiary, Mr Salim (not his real name) related to us his story.

“I found out I had diabetes when I was working and a blister-like wound developed on my foot. I’m Singaporean but my wife is Malaysian, and securing a house here takes ages. Back when I had no house, I slept at Harbourfront bus interchange for a long time, and it was tough. I kept applying for a house but continuously failed. I ended up reaching out to a doctor and asked them to write a letter for me to send it to HDB and they finally approved my application for a flat.”

We had a fulfilling time with our volunteers, giving out hot meals to those who need it the most. Your generous donations are doing wonders for these families, providing them with the opportunity to have proper meals.

With your continued support, we hope to be able to Share A Meal with more individuals across Singapore. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to perform your Qurban with Global Ehsan Relief, where you’ll be able to provide the most vulnerable communities around the world with fresh Qurban meat.

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