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Influential Volunteers: The Guardian of Boon Lay Drive

Updated: May 25, 2023

How a resident continues to give back to her community despite her own circumstances

For the past 8 years, Mdm Ita (not her real name) has been taking care of underprivileged residents living in the rental blocks at Boon Lay Drive. The residents know her well; every few minutes, she will always be greeted by a resident passing by.

More than just a resident of Boon Lay, Mdm Ita is a dedicated volunteer serving her community in her neighbourhood.

“I started out volunteering by going door-to-door (to assess who needs help) and interviewing residents. Also when you go to the market, you meet new people and talk, and you get to know the residents and their different struggles,” Mdm Ita shared with us.

Mdm Ita’s neighbourhood houses some of the most vulnerable groups in the community - the elderly, young mothers with many children, single parents and even individuals with spouses who are currently in prison. Mdm Ita shared that she has also come across individuals who are critically ill, for example, a resident currently battling stage three cancer while raising three young children.

“We can feel their sadness, their struggles. From there, we are more motivated to do whatever we can to help them. Yes, we can’t imagine what they are going through. And I am always grateful for what I have, even if it may seem little. Insya-Allah, we can do better together.”

Through her experience in helping the residents, she shared with us that for her fellow residents, food and meals are what they need help with the most. When they receive food rations, it will at least be able to minimise their expenditure on food and thus, able to shift their expenditure on other important matters - such as school fees, medical needs, buying diapers or even milk powder. This helps them significantly to get by the month with a little bit more relief. For the ones receiving aid, they are thankful for every single gift that they receive.

Mdm Ita’s own story is inspiring - other than volunteering her time to her residents, she is also a mother of four, with three currently schooling in a special needs school.

“Despite our own challenges, we have to accept our fate. Allah s.w.t blesses us abundantly. When we volunteer, it’s helping us too. Alongside friends with the same mission as us, it provides us with a sense of relief. We forget about our own struggles when we help others. We must think positive, never negative,” Mdm Ita expressed.

"Even though I myself stay in a rental flat, when I see the conditions of these residents, my instinct is to help them. Alhamdulillah I am able to help those who really, really need it," Mdm Ita expressed gratefully.

Mdm Ita’s story is inspirational - despite her own circumstances, she constantly helps those who are in a more dire situation than her. She views volunteering as a form of relief for her and the residents are like her extended family members. While following Mdm Ita around to distribute aid to the residents, we saw how close-knit they are. Mdm Ita has also been involved with Global Ehsan Relief for many years.

“Lastly, I want to thank Global Ehsan Relief for their constant help and for giving the trust and responsibility to me to serve my community here. May Allah s.w.t. ease all our efforts and may we receive more than what we have given.

If you are inspired by Mdm Ita’s’ story, you can also contribute to Global Ehsan Relief’s projects today. You can contribute your time by joining our volunteer community, or by simply making a donation to one of our campaigns. Any amount or form of contribution is greatly appreciated and valued. Join us in our efforts to elevate the lives of the underprivileged in our community.

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