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Play a part in nurturing a child's growth

In times of hardship, single mothers are struggling to provide the best for their children. Not all are able to nurture and shower their kids with utmost love. Being the only support system is challenging and mentally draining, at the same time financially pressuring.

Based on our research and partners' feedback, there are mothers who have been borrowing money to buy a diaper and milk. Some have even resorted to using condensed milk. It is heart-breaking and just imagine how this will affect the child's growth. Condensed milk is high in sugar and lacks significant nutrients for a child's essential growth and during the process of manufacturing the micro-organisms are not always fully destroyed. Consequently, the child will grow up having low body resistance to fight diseases. This is worrying if our community decides to shut one's eye.

Let's not prolong the situation provided the current circumstances of the pandemic, help a child today in nurturing a child's growth.


Ms Yana is the mother of Mika, Mirza,  and Mawar. At the beginning of the Circuit Breaker, she lost her job while her husband was still unemployed. Her husband only recently started working. 

She says the care package could not have come at a better time, especially for the youngest - Mirza - who is only five months old and has just started drinking milk formula. He is growing quickly and he will need XL size soon.


What We Have Done

133 baby packages were distributed in 2021 so far.
$13,300 worth of diapers and milk powder disbursed.

How can I help?

Give mothers hope by sustaining their children's needs today by providing diapers and also milk powder at only $100.


The Ehsan Baby Care Package could last for over a month. 

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