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Get to know our Elderly beneficiaries: January Edition

Updated: May 25, 2023

At the end of January, our Global Ehsan Relief Singapore team had our first round of distributions for the year of 2022!

January was the second time we met Tuan Bahadrul and his wife. Tuan Bahadrul has difficulty walking due to a stroke and requires a walking stick to aid him. In the household, there’s only the two of them, though their children do come down to pay a visit at times. Currently, Tuan Bahadrul has stopped his physiotherapy and stays at home. Unfortunately, the couple are both unemployed.

According to Tuan Bahadrul - and also many others who gave feedback during our distributions - the pack of diapers that we gave was previously only enough for two weeks. To suffice for the entire month, he needs two packs of diapers.

The couple has constantly expressed their gratitude to us and the GER community for all the items provided as it has been truly beneficial for their daily needs.

Nenek Hamidah, 67, suffered a stroke in 1999 that had left her bedridden and partially paralysed. Being a Malaysian with PR status, she has trouble qualifying for financial assistance. Her son, Lokman, shared with us that he receives assistance himself as he is unemployed and suffering from diabetes and complications.

Nek Hamidah is unable to speak much, but she did express her happiness to see us, and even greeted us with salam ❤

During our visit to Nenek Sapiah, 71, we were welcomed by her daughter-in-law Kak Ida, 41. Her husband is a sole breadwinner, supporting a family of eight - including his four children and both of his parents. Nenek Sapiah currently has diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. Due to her diabetic condition, she also undergoes regular insulin injections. Kak Ida has been taking care of Nenek Sapiah the most and she best understands her daily food intake, medication routine and medical appointments.

Kak Ida expresses her gratitude towards GER for supporting her mother-in-law for almost half a year. With the groceries and adult diapers that the family receives from us, it greatly helps with Nenek Sapiah’s daily necessities.

We hope that we’ve given you an insight into the lives of our beneficiaries, and why they desperately need the help we provide.

If you are heartened by the stories of our Care for the Elderly beneficiaries, we encourage you to contribute any amount that you can to the campaign.

At the same time, we welcome you to join us in our future distributions to learn more about the work that we do and see the impact you can make on the people we’re helping.

Join us as a volunteer today and together, let's make a difference in their lives.

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