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The Gift of Hot Water

Updated: May 25, 2023

If you’re currently in Singapore, you’d know the past few days had been quite cold - with temperatures dropping to as low as 21.1 deg C on Wednesday morning.

For most of us, we’re accustomed to the ease of turning our water heater on whenever it gets too cold to shower without it.

But for some, they are left without the luxury of having a water heater at home.

One such individual is Mdm Maria (not her real name), our Adopt an Elder beneficiary. She has been taking cold baths all this while because she does not have a water heater at home. Mdm Maria, 80, lives alone in a small flat and has been boiling hot water and pouring it into a basin to shower comfortably.

When our team visited her in late February last week, Mdm Maria cried while sharing with us her predicament and struggles. She had just recently undergone a surgery as the doctors suspected that there was a growth on her stomach. Despite the surgery being carried out two weeks ago, Mdm Maria still feels the pain and does not have much appetite to eat. Her grandnieces have also been taking care of her during this period.

While she had previously poured water that she had to boil on her own to bathe, she could not continue doing this after her operation as she had been too weak to do so.

Alhamdulillah a few days ago, our team visited Mdm Maria again regarding the water heater. With the help of handyman Mr Nasir, our team successfully installed a water heater with a pump for Mdm Maria.

Mdm Maria was unbelievably happy and grateful to Global Ehsan Relief Singapore and our team. She expressed that without us, she would not know who to ask help from. With the water heater fixed, Mdm Maria does not need to boil water just to have a bath.

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