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Celebrate Eid by Giving – Donate Your Qurban Today

Make a meaningful sacrifice this Eid ul-Adha and bring joy to those in need.


This Eid ul-Adha, remember the true spirit of Qurban. Make a donation and provide fresh meat to families who cannot afford it. Your generosity will bring smiles to faces and nourishment to communities in 38 countries, including Gaza.

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Qurban Relief 2024

Your Sacrifice, Their Blessings

Act Now: Give the Gift of Qurban!


Fulfil your sunnah and bring joy to a family in need this Eid.

  • Your donation will provide fresh meat to thousands of families in need

  • Your qurban donation goes directly towards purchasing and distributing meat

  • Your generosity will help strengthen the bond of community and faith

Time-Sensitive Offer

Book your Qurban before 10 June and receive:

  • A personalised certificate of completion

  • Photo & Video updates

  • A report on your Qurban in action

  • The satisfaction of knowing you've made a real difference

Our Other Qurban Packages from 2024

1. Qurban For Orphans

Qurban Relief 2024

Give your Qurban For Orphans package this Eid and help to bring some cheer during this festive period.

2. Qurban For Gaza

Qurban Relief 2024

Support Palestinians by providing Qurban meat to uplift their spirits and demonstrate unwavering solidarity.

3. Qurban For Refugees

Qurban Relief 2024

Bring comfort and joy to refugees around the world by sharing your Qurban during Eid ul-Adha!

4. Prophetic Qurban

Qurban Relief 2024

Follow the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet S.A.W. by giving Qurban on behalf of orphans and widows in impoverished communities. 

5. Aqiqah Packages

Qurban Relief 2024

Are you planning to perform Aqiqah for your beloved child? From just $225, you can express your gratitude for the blessing of your child.

6. Best 10 Days

Qurban Relief 2024

These are the best 10 Days of the entire Islamic year because they combine all five pillars of Islam in them!

Check Out More Qurban Resources

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 Qurbanī (Arabic: قربانى‎) or Qurban is the ritual sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid al-Adha. Below consists of Qurban reports throughout the years.

qurban 2023 posters-13.png

Have any doubts or questions pertaining to Eid ul-Adha? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

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Check out our Zulhijjah Guide,  Hajj & Umrah Guide here to learn more about the history and significance of one of the pillars of Islam!


Completing your Qurban order is as easy as clicking a button! Simply submit this form with your orders, proceed with payment, and upload a screenshot of the transaction!



DBS Bank : 003-943487-1  



Kindly indicate your name, contact, email address on a separate note.
Mail to 93 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 (427387)


 GER Office during office hours:

Monday to Friday: 10AM to 5PM

Saturday to Sunday : 10AM to 2PM

Public Holiday : CLOSED

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