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Your Impact on our Ehsan Baby Care Beneficiaries

Every month, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore (GERSG) carries out our Monthly Distribution, where we provide essential and vital aid to beneficiaries islandwide. The support we’ve received from our Ehsan Community is incredible - read on to find out your amazing impact on our Ehsan Baby Care beneficiaries.


Mdm Faridah is a devoted mother, caring for nine children with ages ranging from 3 to 18 years old. When our team visited the family, we met Fariz and Fahri, while the rest of the children were attending religious class. Currently, the two young boys are enrolled in preschool at PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Sparkletots.

Fahri, who has mild autism, attends therapy sessions that are subsidised by the government. Additionally, their 14-year-old sister also attends a special school. Mdm Faridah’s husband is the family’s sole breadwinner, working as a bus driver for a shuttle service that caters to workers. Previously, he had worked as a driver for a tourist bus however he was unfortunately laid off due to COVID. This led the family through a financially challenging period. However, they are grateful that their situation has been more stable now.

The support given by GERSG through our Ehsan Baby Care project has been a great relief for the family. With the children’s milk consumption being high - especially during school holidays - the Ehsan Baby Care package can last Fariz and Fahri for around a week. Mdm Faridah expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the aid and the immense impact your donations have made to the family’s lives.


For Mdm Sri Darina, she is recovering from breast cancer. Living with her two children, she shared with our team how she’s managing well from her cancer treatments, going for check-ups from time to time. Despite this, she struggles with persistent nerve pains in her left arm, which unfortunately she has to endure for the rest of her life. As a result of her treatments, the doctor informed Mdm Sri Darina that most of her nerves had died. Now, she has no choice but to rely on just one arm to handle household chores and heavy work, which proves challenging at times.

Despite receiving financial assistance from other organisations, it still remains difficult for her to afford diapers and milk formula for her children. She expresses gratitude to GERSG for the Ehsan Baby Care hampers which provides her with essential diapers and milk which can last the family for two weeks.


Mdm Fazilah is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Aurel and Aniq. When our team arrived at their home, the kids were peacefully sleeping in the living room. Mdm Fazilah shared how the family has, unfortunately, been facing financial challenges as her husband is the sole breadwinner of the family. He currently works as a cleaner, six days a week. For now, the family is relying on his income to get by. They’re also currently on a waiting list for government child care but in the meantime, the family can’t afford private childcare as it would cost around $400-$600, even with subsidies.

Nonetheless, they expressed their sincere gratitude for the assistance they received from GERSG during the past few months. The support they receive - particularly with diapers and milk formula - has been a significant help for them financially. They no longer have to spend money on it and can channel the money to other expenditures.

Your generosity has and will continue to make a world of difference to these families. Your donation to our Ehsan Baby Care project will provide vital milk formula and baby diapers to these young children who are growing every day. Join us in bringing ease and relief to them and their families today.

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