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It Begins From The Heart

Updated: May 25, 2023

Our Volunteers share #WhyIVolunteer

For Mdm Masnita, volunteering and helping others begins from the heart.

“When you do it for different reasons like following a friend, it will not last. But if you really genuinely want to help, say not only people in need, but help them, whether you help someone board a bus, for example, just lending a helping hand. It starts from the heart, with a genuine heart.”

Volunteering has always been a part of Mdm Masnita’s life - it started when she was in school.

“It never goes away. From young, it has never gone away and it’s still strong.

When I first started volunteering, that was in the 80s. During that time, they said in Singapore there were no ‘poor people’ around. But what I found first-hand was that there are. It is very pitiful and that experience still impacts me to this day. When I talk about them, it always makes me so sad. That’s why I try to help them as much as I can, without asking for anything in return.”

Nasrullah Jufri is another of our volunteers, who thinks that volunteering is important as it serves as a reminder for us to not be jealous of people who have more than us, and instead be grateful for what we have because there are those who have things harder than us.

This May’s Monthly Distribution had been his first volunteer effort with GERSG.

“The most impactful experience today was the uncle that we met. Because he was previously working but now since he is not working, he is less energetic. Also to see his condition and how his heart problem had affected his life. It was heartwarming to see how his brother and nephew are also helping him and being there for him as it is important to have family support in this trying time.”

For Mdm Masnita, it has been difficult to juggle her full-time work and her love for volunteering.

“At the moment I am not working, I just resigned from my work because I feel like it’s time for me to work part-time in a less stressful job. But during weekends, I am more into volunteering work.

Mdm Masnita also shared how she has never participated in any overseas volunteering work in the past due to various personal commitments.

As someone who loves to help others, this was what Mdm Masnita shared with us:

“Genuinely, you have to have a sense of wanting to help people. Even as a volunteer, you cannot think of yourself. You have to think of others before yourself. There are so many to help, and so many ways to help. Just observe around you and you will see it.”


Are you inspired by their stories? We invite you to join our GER community as a volunteer today! Beyond contributing financially and assisting our beneficiaries through monetary aid, come join us as a volunteer and experience first-hand how it is to work on the ground with our team, meeting our beneficiaries and hearing their stories.

For more info, check out our Volunteer Page!

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