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Day 23 Give More Sadaqah and Charity

"Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was the most generous of people and he was even more generous in Ramadhan when Angel Jibrīl would meet him. He would meet him every night of Ramadhan to study the Qur’an. Thus, the Prophet S.A.W would be more generous than a nourishing wind.” (Ibn Abbas)

Charity is an important factor in disciplining the soul and spiritual growth.

For Muslims worldwide, charity is essential to fighting poverty and developing Islamic institutions, such as masjids and educational institutions.

The month of Ramadhan stands out as a time when increased prayers and Qur’an reading should cause the believer to be extra generous. It is a month of intense worship and giving.

People give for a variety of reasons, and while we may never know the growing impact of our charity, Allah S.W.T does and rewards us accordingly.

We invite you to contribute to any of our projects, or perhaps sign up for our monthly giving program (GEMS) to continuously give charity, even beyond Ramadhan!

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