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Day 21 Log off and connect with Allah S.W.T

In a world where push notifications, scrolling through posts and YouTube rabbit holes are taking over more and more of our time, many of us are guilty of overusing social media.

However in the month of Ramadhan - the holy month in Islam - it is for many, the perfect time to scale back on social media and smartphone usage. Many spend the month attempting to shed their worst habits such as swearing, gossiping and wasting time. In this blessed month, there is a sense that we have a limited amount of time to do as much good as possible to get the most blessings out of the holy month.

And thus, it is the best time to be more mindful about our use of technology.

While limiting our time on the screens and decreasing our social media usage is one way to look at it, there is also another way we can turn our favourite pastime into a benefit - looking at the way in which we use social media.

Many share inspiring reminders, follow more Islamic content and hear more Quran recitations on the different social media platforms.

Social media is definitely here to stay, and it doesn’t change even for Muslims during Ramadhan.

Like many tools, it’s how we use them, that makes all the difference.

P.S. If you see any of our content that inspires you, don’t hesitate to share it around with your circle on social media!

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