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Global Ehsan Relief Singapore’s Mega Ramadhan Charity Drive

1,000 Low-Income Families to Benefit from Ramadhan Food Hampers

2 Apr 2023

SINGAPORE – Global Ehsan Relief Singapore is holding its annual Ramadhan Charity Drive this year on 2nd April 2023! With 500 families benefitting from last year’s Charity Ride, this year’s event aims to be on a much bigger scale.

The Mega Ramadhan Charity Drive 2023 will secure essential groceries for 1,000 families in need, providing them enough to feed a family of five to seven for the whole month of Ramadhan. These Food Hampers will help to cover their expenses for their Iftar and pre-dawn meals, easing each family’s financial burdens.

The project is also being supported by multiple individual fundraisers, who have raised a total of $5,000.

Ms Azlinah, who has been fundraising tirelessly, has raised a total of $3,300 in just over a week.

“My brother was fundraising for this last year, and I just wanted to continue his work.” she said, over a Zoom meeting regarding her fundraiser.

Alongside Global Ehsan Relief Singapore’s dedicated partners, committed volunteers and staff, the Mega Ramadhan Charity Drive 2023 will kick off at Masjid Maarof, where each group will personally deliver the Food Hampers to beneficiaries across Singapore.

More on Ehsan Ramadhan 2023

This year, Global Ehsan Relief will be delivering 150 iftar meal boxes daily to a different estate in Singapore to benefit the most needy. On top of that, the sales of our limited edition Ehsan Sunnah Boxes will go towards supporting local projects benefitting single mothers, elderly and the low income households throughout the holy month.

Find out more about how you can contribute here.

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