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Keeping Friendship Alive: P2HA Edition

Suggestions from one struggling friend to another

“We need to catch up soon!”

Then Phase 2 happened - again.

With the heightened restrictions, it’s beginning to get more difficult for family members to spend time together, let alone close friends!

If you were looking forward to that overdue brunch or coffee date, seeing the ‘NO DINE INS ALLOWED TILL 18 AUGUST’ must have hit like a ton of bricks. But fret not - in commemoration of International Friendship Day, we’re here to help a buddy out. Here are some ways you can keep in touch with your friends despite how hard it can be to meet up physically and have meals together.

Volunteer with your friend

One way you can spend some quality time with a friend is to volunteer at a local NGO together!

With many Singaporeans out of jobs due to the heightened restrictions, families are struggling to stay afloat. Volunteering with your friend could bring you closer together and learn things about each other that you wouldn’t while eating at a café or a restaurant. Like the hadith goes,

"Shall I tell you about something better for you than sadaqah and fasting? Improving the state of friendship. Hatred is what shaves things away." (Abu'd-Darda': Sahih)

Check up on them through various means

With technology, we are able to communicate with someone no matter where they are in the world. Technology has broken down barriers and changed the way we are able to interact with one another.

A simple text message might suffice to check up on them. Use social media as a tool to get involved in their day to day activities by starting a conversation in their DMs!

Remind them that you are thinking of them

While some of us might be bad texters (guilty), there are other ways to remind friends that you’re thinking of them. You can deliver their favourite food via a food delivery service if you have the means or do something as simple as sharing an article or post you came across that reminded you of them. It’s a simple, yet thoughtful gesture that we’re sure your friend will appreciate.

Tip: Use the power of memes and GIFs if words are hard to find!

Get your vaccines together #stayingalive

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, this is a good opportunity to ask your friend along, or even schedule the same vaccine slot together. Grab a sandwich or a drink after to make up for that lost café date!

Do something outdoors

This is probably the most popular way to keep in touch given the current heightened restrictions. Since dining-in and various indoor activities aren’t allowed at the moment, we’re sure you’ve seen friends going on hiking and picnic dates in various parts of the island.

Not only is it a more affordable way to spend time together, you’ll also be getting your exercise and daily Vitamin D dose while soaking in the sun. Just remember to keep to the maximum number of people and always mask up if you’re not eating or drinking!

We hope that these tips have given you more ideas on how you can constantly keep your friendship alive and fresh. We know that this situation has not been easy, and especially so if you’re dealing with it alone. Global Ehsan Relief is always open to new volunteers and we’d love to welcome you as a friend!

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