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Volunteering FAQ

Volunteering can aid in the development of new skills, the development of confidence, meeting of new people, the creation of new employment chances, and even the improvement of physical fitness.


Here are some of Q&A on how volunteering can benefit you!

Are there any benefits in Volunteering?

There are loads! You get to meet new people and widen your network, burn calories by doing distributions and carrying the food packs, and it opens up new opportunities for you - p.s. it looks good on your portfolio! 

How can I Volunteer ?

It’s simple - you can just fill up the Volunteering form on our Volunteer page, or simply give us a DM on our social media and our friendly social media manager will assist you!

What are some challenges that might be faced during Volunteering ? 

For one, the COVID-19 restrictions that we face - but rest assured that health and safety are our first priority. We have to always maintain social distancing and mask up, and sanitise often, especially after meeting our beneficiaries.

How can I fundraise for a cause ?

One simple way you could do this is by sharing our posts on your social media pages and creating awareness, as well as sharing our beneficiaries’ stories with your own community!

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