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Eid is the day of gratitude and joy, marking the end of the fasting month. The day of Eid has many values and virtues, such as experiencing joy, rejoicing, maintaining ties of kinship and expressing gratitude to Allah S.W.T.

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Peace Be Upon You, 

We are grateful to Allah for letting us participate in another Ramadhan. We encountered enormous hurdles last year as a result of a worldwide pandemic. We're still working on finding a solution. We found ourselves leaning on one another as a family and ensuring that we all work together for the greater good.


We would like to assist you in making the most out of Ramadhan this year. We've compiled a list of resources to assist you with your Ramadhan preparations. 


May these blessed month serve as opportunities for us to reconnect with Allah and community, as well as to share our gratitude with one another.

Preparations for a Better You
Ways to improve your good deeds and connect with others

For the most blessed time of the year, a daily planner that helps you make the most of it.  


Download our inspirational Sunnah guide!


Download our inspirational Sunnah guide!


Learn some duas that you can implement to earn blessings from Allah this month!


Zakat Guide

Learn more about Zakat, one of Islam's pillars, in this detailed overview. 

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