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Ramadhan Awakening

Qur'an Classes

Ramadhan is a time to increase our ibadah and get closer to Allah S.W.T. - and what better way to do that than by learning and reciting the words of Allah S.W.T!

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This Ramadhan, eight local asatizah will guide you through reciting and understanding the Surahs from Juz ‘Amma, the final chapter of the Qur'an, in preparation for the last 10 nights of Ramadhan.


And best of all - you can deepen your connection to Allah S.W.T. while contributing to a good cause! The proceeds from your entry fee will go towards Global Ehsan Relief’s Ehsan Ramadhan projects to support the most needy members of our society.

Sign up to join us on every alternate night from 1st to 20th Ramadhan (23 March - 10 April) and embark on a journey of learning and loving the verses of the Holy Qur'an!

Above are the asatizah involved! Swipe left.

Each class will include:


  • Mass Recitation of Juz 'Amma (45mins)

  • Tafseer of Recited Verses (25mins)

  • Tazkiyah (Lessons) through Qur'an Reflection (15mins)



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