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In just the first ten days of Ramadhan, your contributions delivered - 

500 Food Hampers, 3,500 Iftar Meal Box For The Needy / Elderly & 200 Iftar Meals For Orphaned Families your contributions have benefitted more than

7,000 beneficiaries! 

Let's work together, and make the most of the remaining days of Ramadhan!

ramadhan summary sg-01_edited.jpg

Highlights of Projects

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" I 'm currently unemployed. Previously, I was a former security officer however due to my medical condition, I'm unable to continue working since 2007. I feel blessed to receive the essential groceries from GERSG, which helps to ease my food expenses during the blessed month of Ramadhan. "

Encik Abdul Hamid


"The meal packs that I received helps to shorten my journey to get groceries for Iftar. Due to old age, I have a knee injury and several medical conditions.

I am very grateful for the daily Iftar Meals provided by GERSG & I make dua' for the team's well-being. "

Mdm Juniati

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We met Mdm Hikmah and her two sons, Muzaffar and Muhsin. Unfortunately their dad passed away about a year ago. Mdm Hikmah and her sons are currently staying with her in-laws. She is very thankful to have received the Iftar Meals that GERSG personally delivered to the family.