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Qurban Reports

Qurbanī (Arabic: قربانى‎) or Qurban as referred to Islamic law, is the ritual sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid al-Adha. Below consists of Qurban reports throughout the years.

Seasonal Reports

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During our Qurban Relief 2021, we launched our special Qurban packages - Prophetic Qurban Campaign, Qurban for Orphans, Qurban for Refugees and Qurban Emergency. 

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A total of 4,295 animals were sacrificed and more than 290,000 lives were touched during Qurban Relief 2020. To find out how our Qurban campaign went, read more in this report. 

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With the support of our GER community, we distributed over 2,000 livestock and benefitted more than 300,000 people worldwide. Read our Qurban Report 2019 to find out more. 

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Global Ehsan Relief with international partners took part to facilitate Muslims in donating their sacrifice to the world’s most needy families. Read the report to view the progress of Qurban for 2018. 

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Keen to know more about our Qurban process and impact? Read all about it and more in our Qurban Report 2017.

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