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What One Meal Means to Them

Updated: May 26, 2023

Sharing a Meal with the ones who cannot afford a meal a day

In spite of Singapore being ranked as the world's most food secure nation, 10.4% of 1,200 surveyed households experienced food insecurity. Without a single meal, many families go through their day hungry.

With this in mind, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore aims to Share A Meal with low-income residents islandwide. In October, we carried out one such distribution at Toa Payoh, where a total of 200 families benefited from the cooked meals distribution.

Our team was assisted by our Toa Payoh Volunteer IC, Mr Sulaiman, together with his group of volunteers who were all staying in the estate. The distribution was carried out at the multi-purpose hall in the middle of the blocks, where most of the beneficiaries came down to collect their food. For those who could not leave their homes, our team went up personally to their houses.

We were blessed to have all bento meal sets fully sponsored by two of our sponsors - Van Lee Fitness and

Mr Sulaiman expressed how grateful he is to be working with us as it helps most of the beneficiaries in the estate who find it difficult to even have regular meals. He tries to help any beneficiaries that come and seek help. He believes that when he helps others, Allah S.W.T. will help him and ease his struggles too.

When we met Mr Din during the distribution, he shared how the project helps him a lot because he has a meal to eat while his wife is working. He shared how he has a lot of bills to pay for; utility and electricity bills, on top of hospital bills for his diabetics appointment. With his wife working, he has to prepare his meals on his own. He conveyed his appreciation towards the team and our sponsors for the cooked meal he received.

Our team also met Mdm Tania, 38, a Toa Payoh resident who is currently battling cancer. Mdm Tania shared with the team how she is struggling to pay for her medical and treatment bills, as well as her transport fees to every medical appointment. She expressed how grateful she is to have received the cooked meals. InsyaAllah, we hope to be able to help and her struggles in the future.

Alhamdulillah all of the recipients were very grateful for the bento sets that were given out. We aim to keep sharing our blessings and provide hot, fresh meals to those who cannot afford to eat three meals a day. With every contribution you make to Share A Meal, you will be feeding those in need with a nutritious meal they might not get daily.

Remember your donation is always more than JUST a donation - it’s saving real lives

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