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Things to Know About the First 10 Days of Zulhijjah

"There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah S.W.T. than these (first) 10 days (of Zulhijjah)" The Prophet, (Bukhari)

Do you know that the first 10 days of Zulhijjah are the best 10 days of the Islamic year?

Allah S.W.T. has made for His believers seasons throughout the year wherein we can increase our worship and nearness to the Lord of the Worlds.

And among those virtuous times are the first ten days of Zulhijjah, followed by the three days of Tashriq.

The month of Zulhijjah is a great, sacred and virtuous month.

Read on to learn more about the first 10 days of Zulhijjah - if you might not know it yet!

1. The ten days are actually nine plus Eid. It is called the ten days of Zulhijjah, but only the first nine are for fasting and the 10th is the beginning of Eid

2. It is recommended to make a lot of Dhikr in these days

3. It is recommended to read the Qur’an as much as possible in these days

4. The 9th day is the day of Arafah’

5. It is highly recommended to fast on the day of Arafah’

“It is an expiation for the sins of the preceding year and the current year.” (Muslim)

6. “Whoever wishes to slaughter (Qurban) in these days, is not allowed to cut any hair from his body or cut his nails” (Muslim)

7. The days of Eid ul-Adha are four in total; the tenth (the day of the Eid prayer) and the days of Tashriq (the eleventh, twelve and thirteenth days of Zulhijjah). It is impermissible to fast these days for those not doing Hajj.

8. The consensus amongst scholars is that it is impermissible to fast on the day of Eid


For this year, the first day of Zulhijjah falls on 20th June in Singapore.

During these 10 days, recite your remembrance as often as you can and let’s try our best to keep Allah S.W.T. in our hearts in everything we carry out. As you strive to increase your daily worship, don’t forget to fulfill the act of worship that comes only once a year - Qurban.

Your Qurban is more than just a sacrifice, it is a blessing for those living in rural communities around the world. You can help sustain a family in the blessed month of Zulhijjah and benefit more people in some of the poorest regions in 37 locations worldwide.

Make the most of the sacred month of Zulhijjah by fulfilling your Qurban with Global Ehsan Relief today!

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