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The Strength of a Mother

Updated: May 25

Our Care for Orphaned Families story

The death of a spouse is one of the most stressful experiences that anyone can encounter. For the children of widowed mothers, losing a father is one of the toughest and most heartbreaking life events that affects emotional and mental wellbeing.

In 2020, Mardianah’s world was flipped upside down when she lost her husband to a disease that plagued her too – Diabetes Mellitus. At only 42, Mardianah was left alone to care for her 11 year old daughter with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As if losing her spouse wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Mardianah’s doctors told her that she had to undergo an amputation for her left leg due to complications from diabetes. Reluctantly, Mardianah went for the operation with only the wellbeing of her daughter in mind. Who would care for her daughter if she were gone?

After a year of rehabilitation and getting used to her new body, Mardianah was stuck with yet another piece of detrimental news - she had an infection on her right foot and it was spreading fast. At a loss for what to do, Mardianah turned to her daughter who urged her to go for the surgery. With a heavy heart, Mardianah underwent a second amputation on her other leg. Her time in the hospital was painful and lonely, with the COVID-19 restrictions in place and family members unable to visit her.

At the hospital, Mdm Mardianah tells us that her daughter had lost all interest in going to school, as her learning disability prevented her from making the progress that a normal child would. Dealing with her disheartened daughter over the phone was a major challenge for Mardianah and she recalls calling her daughter on loudspeaker to yell at her to go to school.

Although Mardianah has had to go through many obstacles over the past two years, she’s determined to be an inspiration to her only child and daughter, so that she grows into a successful and independent young lady.

As part of our newly launched Care for Orphaned Families project, Mdm Mardianah received our Care for Orphaned Families care package which consists of a month’s worth of groceries and monetary assistance. Using the cash assistance, Mdm Mardianah was able to substantiate her home-based business selling diabetic-friendly coffee and other items to provide for her daughter and her father who is living with them too.

You can help change the lives of more widows trying to make ends meet for their children by contributing $150 towards a care package every month! Lend a helping hand and change their world today.

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