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The Impact of Our Back to School

300 School Bags Islandwide for BTS 2023!

At Global Ehsan Relief, we firmly believe that education is a cornerstone for every child, serving as a transformative pathway toward a brighter future, regardless of their circumstances.

Driven by this conviction we started our Back to School programme, with the aim of providing children from low-income families vital school supplies that will support their academic journey. 

Over the past three years, our Back to School program has successfully distributed 1,200 kits islandwide! Our most recent event, conducted in mid-December 2023, was made possible through the unwavering dedication of our donors, team, partners, and volunteers. 

Before our teams went out to deliver the Back to School packs, our volunteers supported us as we packed the school bags and school essentials together at Woodlands Sports Pavilion. Our event was graced by the presence of Ms Mariam Jaafar, the Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC (Woodlands). 

“Education is something that I really, really care about. So I think to give the children the confidence that they are prepared with all the things that they need for the school year, that is such a meaningful thing,” Ms Mariam Jaafar expressed.  

We extended aid to 300 Back to School Beneficiaries, and we extend heartfelt thanks to all who contributed, especially our partners and sponsors: Bauyantora, Deanna Manto, Ascend Assurance, Food From The Heart Singapore, and our Guest of Honour, Ms Mariam Jaafar. As the concluding major event of the year, it marked our commitment to ensuring children embark on their educational journey fully prepared.

“I’m representing my team, Bauyantora. My intention today, alongside my team members, is to help the less fortunate and to carry out a good deed to the children of this Back to School programme. I would like to thank the donors for supporting us and giving us this opportunity to help out for Back to School, and not forgetting Global Ehsan Relief Singapore for facilitating this noble initiative,” volunteer Hairul Nizam, 42, shared with us.

During this event, the joy radiating from the faces of Aryan, Arissa, and Aryana as they received their Back to School packs was truly heartwarming. With their father the sole breadwinner, the children are under the financial assistance scheme (FAS) in school and attend student care. Despite financial constraints, he continues working as a cleaner to support his family, declining chemotherapy and radiotherapy as he battles lung cancer. 

Mdm Mazlin, their mother, emphasised the financial challenges associated with school expenses, where textbooks alone can amount to $200, and the children require new school shoes twice a year. Alhamdulillah, our Back to School kits provided a much-needed financial reprieve for the family.

Another beneficiary, Mdm Farhana, a single mother of two daughters, faced unemployment for five years and recently underwent breast surgery due to a lump. Despite her challenging circumstances, she remains resilient, receiving support from the Social Services Office (SSO), with her children under the financial assistance scheme (FAS) at school. Additionally, she recently pursued a sewing course to enhance her skills.

Beyond providing school bags and stationery, our Back to School program alleviates the financial burdens on our beneficiaries' families, offering the relief they need. This peace of mind not only aids the families but allows the children to concentrate better in school, fostering an environment where they can excel in their studies.

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