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The Gift of Kindness

Updated: May 24, 2023

Our Signature Kindness Day

"Kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give."

Showing random acts of kindness is really easy. Although the opportunities to spread kindness are literally limitless, some of us might take this simple act for granted.

Kindness starts with one person, one small act that can spark a chain of recipients wanting to ‘pay it forward’ with their own acts of kindness.

These acts of kindness exist as heartfelt words of encouragement, thoughtful gestures, compassionate acts of generosity or just simply sharing our blessings with others.

Personally, Global Ehsan Relief has seen the impact of these random acts of kindness every time we carry out our signature Kindness Day event. The recent one happened in October, where we distributed 1,000 ice cream sponsored by Van Lee Fitness, 300 bottles of Iced Milk Tea by Tehwalla and 200 muffins contributed by Oleh Ninda M.

Syed, owner of Tehwalla, was delighted to have been a part of spreading goodness and kindness to the community in Arab Street, Singapore. Not only was the event just to spread happiness, it also helps to spread a better perception of Islam in the eyes of the community.

“It is on a day that is very blessed so, the Prophet S.A.W. always preached about spreading good on this day. And it is something that is done in the name of Islam and here in Arab Street where we meet a lot of tourists, it’s good to let them know that our Islam is a very peaceful and generous religion. So I hope that with this act of kindness, they will have a good perception of what Islam is,” Syed said.

Tehwalla is no stranger to giving away free items on the blessed day of Jumaah. They have been doing it for a long time, with the aim of sharing blessings with

“For Tehwalla, we also have our Friday Prayers Mosque Sponsorships, whereby our sponsors are able to play a part and give back to the society, where they can sponsor bottles of teh and we will do the delivery for them. So Global Ehsan Relief's Kindness Day is a bit different because there is a form of interaction with the crowd and the congregants actually understand what this is about. We know that the community benefits a lot from them and not only for those in the mosque, but also the community in the area where the distribution is happening.”

Syed shared how he strongly believes in the rewards one can get by being sincerely kind and generous.

“Kindness to me is giving something with the right hand, where the left hand does not know it. The Prophet S.A.W. always reminded us that, the more we give, the more we get back. Whether you see it or not, in this world or the hereafter.

So that’s something that we at Tehwalla always believe in, that kindness will always go the extra mile for us.”

In a world increasingly filled with struggle and pain, kindness is like a breath that rejuvenates us all, refreshes us with its goodness and gives us with the strength we didn’t know we need, to persevere despite the challenges.

We invite you to contribute to our Kindness Day and be a part of our mission to show the world that giving starts small. When you donate, you will receive the rewards of charity with every person you bring a smile to.

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