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The Full Potential of Children with Disabilities

Updated: May 25, 2023

Care for the Disabled

For parents caring for persons with disabilities, they are dealing with a myriad of different challenges. For those from low-income families, these challenges are amplified even more.

On top of financial difficulties that these parents face, they are also required to understand and manage their children’s emotional needs, as well as their own.

One such parent is Mdm Sulia, whom we met during our monthly distribution in November.

Mdm Sulia is currently unemployed and has relied on financial aid from us and the Social Service Offices (SSO). She has been our regular beneficiary since 2021 and have been receiving Food Aid and our Ehsan Baby Care pack. At the moment, she is the only parent taking care of her four children aged 13, 4, 2 years and 18 months old.

Her eldest daughter, Nur Aleesya had been an extremely preterm baby, being born at 5 months.

For Mdm Sulia, the financial assistance that she received has helped her tremendously to save a lot of money for the family’s household essentials. Aleesya and Mdm Sulia expressed their gratitude to the donors for providing assistance throughout the month. Additionally, Aleesya is also eligible to receive stationery provided by the school to students who receive financial aid.

Mdm Sulia expressed how proud she had been of Aleesya’s progress and achievements in her special school. She had been appointed as a Prefect in school as her teachers saw her commendable attitude and qualities, such as being warm-hearted towards her peers. She shares how Aleesya enjoys drawing and is currently taking art in school.

Children, regardless of their abilities, should all have opportunities to maximise their full potential, have confidence and be equipped with life skills and values. Preparing them with all the right tools will ensure that they can grow up to lead an independent life, as much as possible.

For the parents, they are able to draw strength from the support around them, allowing them to cope with the challenges of caring for their children and provide the best care that they can give.

Here at Global Ehsan Relief Singapore, we aim to provide the support these parents need to give the best to their school-going children. From just $70, you will be able to provide a Back to School pack to support these children in their preparation for the new school year.

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