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Revving into Ramadhan: The Power of Community

On 10 April 2022, together with our evergreen partners Chapalang Brotherhood Bikers, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore hosted their second annual Ramadhan Charity Ride, with the venue courtesy of neighbourhood Masjid Al-Amin, situated at the heart of the Radin Mas community!

The annual Ramadhan Charity Drive, hosted by Global Ehsan Relief Singapore and jointly organised by Chapalang Brotherhood began as early at 9am, when all staff and volunteers for the day arrived bright and early for the packing of the last 50 food aid hampers out of the 500 which were then given out to needy families all around Singapore that day!

Each food aid hamper was stocked full with essential groceries that these needy families could use to prepare sahur and iftar, and put their hearts at ease, not forced to worry about what their next meal would consist of. Thanks to the donations of our GER community, and the efforts of 24 biker groups over the last three months, we managed to reach the fundraising goal of $25,000 just in time for the event.

We were also joined by Radin Mas SMC leader, Mr Melvin Yong, who arrived in the afternoon just before our appreciation ceremony and final flag off. He was pleasantly surprised to see so many young people at the event, and expressed his utmost delight in seeing that both volunteers from Chapalang Brotherhood and our staff from Global Ehsan Relief were made up of such youthful faces.

Of the volunteers who joined us early that morning was NTU Cahaya Kirana, an adhoc under NTU-NIE PERBAYU (Persatuan Bahasa dan Melayu).

When interviewed, Head of Cahaya Kirana, Zarinah, shared: “Usually we will go overseas to help out but because of the current pandemic, we are doing it locally this year, as well as last year. This year, one of our Programmes members initiated helping out for this event.

In the spirit of this blessed month of Ramadhan, I think it’s very important for us students, especially since we are youths, to give back to all those people who are in need. Usually we are doing good deeds overseas but due to the pandemic, I think it’s a drive for us to try something new, to give back to our local community instead of lending our help overseas.”

The importance of youth in our community projects plays such a vital role in the future of community service and looking out for the needy, especially in an ageing society like Singapore. As many organisations are looking for ways and means to get the younger generation involved in projects, we are blessed to have gotten such an overwhelming number of requests to volunteer this Ramadhan.

The flag off for the event was really a sight to behold with more than 300 bikers raring to go just past noon. We were joined by some biker groups who lent their support and donations in 2021.

Last year, due to bad weather, the Ramadhan Charity Ride’s schedule and program was severely hindered, resulting in an underwhelming flag-off and a delay in the delivery of the food aid hampers - as well as drenched volunteers and colleagues.

The Ramadhan Charity Ride 2022 will be memorable for us in years to come and we owe it all to you, our community, our partners and our beloved staff who have shown unwavering support and enthusiasm even while fasting during the holy month!

If you would like to show your support to more underprivileged and marginalised groups in Singapore, you can donate to our Eid Meals for Migrant Workers from just $7.50 per person, and show them that they are not alone this Eid. Every donation goes towards a sumptuous Briyani Meal for Bangladeshi migrant workers to celebrate the festive day of Eid.

Stay tuned for updates!

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