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Rebuilding Her Life After Grief

Updated: May 25, 2023

Caring for our Orphaned Families

It’s a significant life change when your spouse dies. For our widowed mothers, losing their spouse changes their life completely.

At the same time, grief is paralysing. But for these widowed mothers from low-income families, they do not have the luxury of mourning for long periods of time.

For Mdm Iqa, she has been forced to continue life on her own after the death of her husband. This is her story:

Mdm Iqa is a widowed mother who used to be active in volunteering in the past. When our team met her, she shared how she never expected to become a beneficiary herself and to be on the receiving end of aid.

On 1st September 2022, her husband passed away on the road due to a heart attack. He had no symptoms of a heart attack until a few hours prior, where he complained of pain in his chest, but both Mdm Nur Iqa and her husband did not think much of it. His death was very sudden and unexpected.

At the mortuary, Mdm Iqa begged him to return because she was not ready to be alone.

For a whole week after his passing, Mdm Iqa remained in her room and could not attend to her children; her parents helped to care for her children during this difficult phase. Typical daily activities like watching the television would remind her of her late husband, hence staying at home would only spiral her negative thoughts further. She was advised by others to seek a job since she has to provide for her children. Alhamdulillah, she will start work as a Logistics Officer in October. We asked if she was ready to start working, and she replied, “I have to do it no matter what.”

More than just to sustain an income for her family, having a job will also distract herself from thinking of her late husband. While the pain of loss can feel overwhelming, Mdm Iqa knows the responsibility that is currently now on her shoulder.

During her sharing, it started to get difficult to talk about her husband and tears began streaming down her eyes. Our team shared a long hug with her, along with a few supplications and words of encouragement. Even though her parents and children are her constant strong pillars of support, it is undeniable just how painful losing a spouse is.

After sharing with our team on her plight, Mdm Iqa seemed a bit more relieved and knows that she is truly not alone.

There are many more widowed mothers and single fathers who are in the same plight as Mdm Iqa.

"Grief has no end, it's how well we cope with it."

While grief and bereavement are often seen as personal and private issues, it’s important for us to reach out to those in our community who are in need of support - be it emotional support or financial support.

Global Ehsan Relief Singapore aims to support widowed mothers and orphaned families like Mdm Iqa through our Care for Orphaned Families project. With just $150, you can help a widow and her kids by providing them with financial aid and a food aid pack to last them for a month. Your gift will offer a crucial lifeline to families who are traumatised by losing their only breadwinner.

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