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Raising A Child On Their Own

Caring for our Single Mothers

According to recent findings, an initiative to provide free housing to low-income single mothers for a period of two years was proven to be beneficial; many of the women were able to find better paying jobs as a result of the initiative. As these single mothers did not have to worry about securing a roof over her family’s heads, their well-being improved as well.

These findings were taken from a study of the Association of Women for Action and Research’s (Aware) Support, Housing and Enablement (S.H.E.) project.

Here at Global Ehsan Relief, we have personally seen the impact of our aid on our beneficiaries who are single mothers.

One such individual is Mdm Hafizah, 37, who is caring for her teenage daughter as a single mother.

She is currently staying in a HDB flat with her mother, her daughter and her sister’s family. Her daughter and niece had previously stayed in a Girls’ Home. Despite them living apart, they still kept close ties especially with their grandmother, Mdm Sabariah, and the two girls often dropped in after school and during school breaks.

Mdm Hafizah had planned to apply for a new flat but had changed her mind after deciding that it was better for her to stay with her mother, seeing the frailing condition of her mother, Mdm Sabariah.

Previously, Mdm Hafizah worked as a Relief Officer at a warehouse in Pasir Panjang on an adhoc-basis. Recently, she enrolled herself in a security course to upgrade her skills. She shared her ambitions of being able to secure a permanent job as a Security Officer with the certification upon her completion of the program as she currently works ad-hoc shifts the rest of the week, and even helps out at her cousin's food stall in Jurong sometimes to earn extra cash.

When we asked Mdm Hafizah how she and her family get by, she shared that financially they are dependent on both her and her sister’s income, as well as assistance from social services offices. Alhamdulillah, the family is able to experience a few comfortable months with the help of our aid.

Many single-parents families continue to struggle because of the many responsibilities that they are shouldering all on their own.

We’ve seen how a strong support system at home gives these single mothers a place to heal emotionally. Amongst many of their challenges include mending and maintaining a good relationship with their children and parents, where most of these single mothers are living together with their elderly parents.

At Global Ehsan Relief Singapore, we aim to lighten the burden of these strong individuals through our Care for Single Mothers project. From $150, you will be able to provide financial aid and a month's worth of food aid. Your donation will give much-needed relief to mothers who are making ends meet, all on their own.

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