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Mumpreneurs: Mothers on Their Own

Updated: May 26, 2023

Care for Orphaned Families

No matter where you are in the world, raising a child as a single parent is undoubtedly a challenge. Whether by choice or circumstance, many women end up raising children on their own. The struggles and trials of a single mother go beyond that of a mother with a spouse who can lend support.

While raising a family in Singapore can be expensive - Singapore being the most expensive city to live in, out of 133 countries - single mothers in Singapore have it a lot tougher. For parents to meet the financial needs of a family, it is a real struggle - especially when there’s only one parent.

Single mothers have to work harder to have enough financial resources to fund the needs of their children. However their employment opportunities and decision to work is also greatly influenced by their child care concerns.

In most cases, they have to sacrifice one to focus on another. For instance, they have to give up quality time that could be spent with their children to focus on their work. On the other hand, they have to sacrifice a higher standard of living to focus on the well-being of their children.

This is not an easy choice to make and it can be tiring to meet all the needs at once.

There is one option that many single mothers are venturing into.

Stay-at-home mothers are able to earn from online work opportunities, besides starting their own home-based businesses where they can earn their own income.

Through Global Ehsan Relief’s Care for Orphaned Families project, our team met Mdm Sharidah, 45, a widow caring for her three children aged 2, 6 and 9. She’s getting by with her savings and assistance from the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), which subsidises her children’s school fees.

Mdm Sharidah is unable to work since there is no one to help take care of her children. Tragically, her husband met with a fatal accident 2 years ago and left her struggling to make ends meet. Mdm Sharidah is also a stay home mum, who is thankfully getting some help from her cousin who works night shifts just to help look after the three children during the daytime when she goes out to run errands.

However, Mdm Sharidah’s spirit to care for her family - as with all other mothers - motivates her to build up her own income.

She has since been managing an online business on Carousell @qsz, selling modest and prayer wear for Muslim women.

By having financial independence, they will be able to save money for rainy days and show their children that they can be capable.

Women like Mdm Sharidah, who combine motherhood with running their own business deserve the utmost respect.

Our Care for Orphaned Families project ensures that widows and their children will be able to receive ample support, especially when they have nowhere else to turn to.

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