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KAMI Gives Back

For this group of five financial consultants in Singapore, serving the community goes beyond what they do in their usual line of work. While providing financial solutions to the community and helping individuals build their portfolio is commendable, these five friends - Aqilah Razali, Dyaz Khan, Khairulanwar, Ramadan Siron and Mohd Zuhairi - are taking ‘community involvement’ to a much larger scale.

Global Ehsan Relief Singapore first worked with Key Associate Management of Insurance (KAMI) in 2021, where they fundraised for our Daily Iftar Meal project - all in the name of helping the community.

This year, KAMI targeted a much bigger objective - and we don’t just mean a bigger financial aim, but a fundraiser that’s much more significant as compared to last year.

“When I say bigger effort it doesn’t mean financially the contribution is going to be substantially more, but when I say bigger I mean we are actually involving more people this year. So it’s not just people from our organisation or our agency, but this year we are also involving our clientele, our family and friends. So we have spread out the message to our clients, family and friends and we opened the doors for people to contribute through us and through Global Ehsan Relief. So in a sense, that’s how we are doing it on a bigger scale this year, instead of just running it through our own agencies only,” Khairulanwar shared.

Through various fundraising collaborations with organisations such as GER, KAMI aims to help those beyond their normal jurisdiction of work - the ones who are unemployed - as compared to their pool of clients who require proper financial planning.

Last year’s experience with GER not only opened their eyes to the living conditions of the beneficiaries that we are serving, it left an impact on them till today.

“I came across this one old elderly man who was alone at home, I think he was quite sick, so when we delivered the food he could not open the door, we had to pass it through the window and he was bedridden and all alone. So it struck me quite a bit. It was quite sad to see that there are actually people who are left alone and left to fend for themselves. So that’s the reason we want to come in and help them more this time round,” Aqilah expressed.

For Khairulanwar: “It was a unique experience, firstly because I don’t think I see many organisations who can actually help, because in the community, I think there are a lot of people who are willing to contribute and help others. It’s just that I don’t think there’s many outlets out there to help channel this effort. So I think what Global Ehsan Relief has over here, this platform, it’s very helpful for people who want to contribute and there’s an outlet for them, something that’s very unique.”

This year, with the support from their clients, friends and family, KAMI managed to support GER’s Daily Iftar Meal campaign - and even went down to personally deliver the food to our beneficiaries.

For each of the five friends, it is clear that giving back is an important aspect in their own lives, no matter how busy they might be.

"Charity is important because it keeps us grounded. Sometimes you are working or you get too busy with things, you forget about your surroundings. So these experiences like volunteering and contributing, you slow down your life, what is happening around you. With that, we get to contribute more, as much as we can," shares Khairulanwar.

KAMI leaves us with one piece of advice: “Always look out for one another, you will never know our friends, families, who actually need our help in terms of, sometimes it might not be monetary but in terms of donation, donation can be in any form so be wary of the people around you and be aware of their current standings, status in life.”

Click the link below to watch the full video of KAMI’s aims and experience with GER during the blessed month of Ramadhan!

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