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Formidable Fathers

Updated: May 26, 2023

Our Stories on the Ground

In June, we commemorate Father’s Day. While we should celebrate and cherish our parents every single day, Father’s Day is a special occasion for families to honour fathers and celebrate fatherhood. It is a cultural, social and family day that aims at maintaining social and family ties.

As we celebrate and honour the fatherly figures in our lives, we want to highlight the fathers who are also our beneficiaries. These fathers have shown tremendous grit in working hard to provide for their children, being the sole breadwinner of the family, trudging through tough times.

During our on-the-ground work, we meet countless of inspiring individuals. Here are the stories of two fathers.

We recently met Haji Ramli, 62, during our Ehsan Food Hamper distribution in June. He shared with us how he is currently working as a bicycle repairer. He has three children - one is currently in National Service (NS) and the other two are still schooling. Haji Ramli shared with us how his monthly income is around $600 to $1,500, depending on the number of customers he gets daily. Without a stable customer base, it is difficult for him to get a stable income every month. Hence, he has to work hard each day to ensure that his income will be sufficient for the month.

When we passed him our Ehsan Food Hamper, he expressed gratitude towards our team and our GER community, sharing how the hamper will be able to sustain him and his family for at least two weeks.

We met Mr Zali back in February of 2022. He has five children aged between 2 and 11 years. His two daughters, Aurora and Kayla, have been our Ehsan Baby Care beneficiaries, where they receive essential baby items that can be quite costly, such as milk powders and diapers.

Mr Zali shared how he is the sole breadwinner of the family and works as a Grab driver. During our visit, he shared how his income is barely enough to cover the children’s needs and other necessities. The food hamper that he had received has helped him tremendously, and he expressed his thanks to our GER community.

For fathers like Haji Ramli and Mr Zali, working hard to earn enough income for the month is a responsibility that they do not take lightly. As they shared their plight with us, we were touched by their determination to provide the best for their family.

There are many other beneficiaries who share the same plight as these fathers. For others, they are in a much more difficult predicament.

We invite you to contribute to our core campaigns that aim to elevate the lives of our beneficiaries and ease their daily struggle. For more information, check out our projects here.

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