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“Everyone Deserves to be Happy”

Updated: May 26, 2023

A woman’s story on why she wants to help others

For Nisha (not her real name), following in the footsteps of her father was the starting point in her wanting to give back to the community.

“Three years back, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. That was the starting point because before he got sick, I always saw him going to the masjid and he would ask us, do you want to donate? From there, it started. After he passed away, I always tell myself that, no matter how small the amount you have inside your bank, you just give. Even if you have $1, $2. Even small amounts make a difference,” Nisha shared with us.

When we met Nisha for the first time, we were there to collect the items that she and her family had donated. Each set consisted of essentials like rice, cans of sardine, maggi, cooking oil, milo packets, biscuits, salt, and two boxes of Nilofa milk. Because the beneficiaries were mostly mothers and big families, Nisha ensured that her contributions were ‘customised’ to the needs of those receiving.

Currently, Nisha is managing her own online business. She agrees that the pandemic crisis has left many in difficult and challenging situations. Pushed by this, she was compelled to do more than her normal donation of monetary and financial contributions. This time, she wanted to do more - she wanted to contribute food essentials.

“Even if you give a small amount, insya-Allah Allah s.w.t will give you more. If you help others, Allah will help you even more than what you give. This quote, I never will forget,” Nisha shared with us her motivation.

Nisha also told us how she understood the plight of the beneficiaries because she had gone through a similar experience when she was younger.

“I know the struggles they faced, even though I was quite young at that time. (And also) because I felt this, I know that when you’re in difficulty, you will feel a lot of emotions. I experienced that a lot."

Living in a one-room flat, she saw how much her parents struggled to bring food to the table and the sacrifices that they made to raise her and keep their family together.

"That's why I will give. And I believe that everyone deserves to have their happy moments, no matter how difficult your situation is. Just make them happy," Nisha expressed.

You can join Nisha in helping single mothers in need. Check out our Care for Single Mothers project to see how you can contribute!

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