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Easing Their Financial Burden For the New School Year

Why we should provide Back to School packs to low-income children

With the new school year coming up, families are getting busy preparing for their children’s new school year. But for low-income families, the new school year signals more worries about paying for new supplies and school essentials.

Low-income families with school-going children face additional financial burden especially during the back-to-school season because they have much more to fulfill.

Many of these families have only one breadwinner in the family, and at most times, the income that they receive is not enough to provide for the best for their children.

For Mr Kamil, he is the sole breadwinner for his family of four. He works as a part-time cleaner however his monthly income, together with monthly assistance from MUIS and Social Services Offices (SSO) are barely enough to cover the household expenses.

The family were very grateful to receive Global Ehsan Relief’s assistance in the form of baby milk and diapers. They also extended their wishes to receive our Back to School packs for their two children aged five and six.

For Mdm Sabariah, a widowed mother that we met last month, she is currently holding two jobs - a full-time job and a part-time job. As the sole breadwinner of her family, Mdm Sabariah has no choice but to take on two jobs to support her family and provide for them comfortably.

She expressed her relief as her son finally completed his PSLE. It had been a tough and crucial year for her as she had to send her son to tuition for a few subjects in order for him to get good grades.

Mdm Sabariah also expressed her thanks for the aid that the family has been receiving and wishes for her children to be a part of our Back to School programme as her family could save and use the extra money wisely.

For parents like Mr Kamil and Mdm Sabariah, our Back to School campaign brings about a welcome relief - their children will be able to receive much-needed school essentials that they will not get otherwise. It lightens the financial weight off of these families who have a lot to fulfill, including ensuring their children have enough supplies for the new school year.

Together let’s lend a helping hand to these families and ease their struggles as we approach the end of the year. From just $70, you’ll be able to provide one child with a complete back-to-school pack that will definitely create a better start for their new school year.

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