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Day 11 Nourish Your Ramadhan with Good Deeds

"Allah has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds [that] for them there is forgiveness and great reward.’ (Qur’an, 5:9)

Between the hours of sunrise and sunset, we encourage you to do a good deed for Ramadhan every day. Whether it be connecting with a friend or a relative that lives alone, helping an elderly neighbour, helping in the community, volunteering at a local organisation, or even making a small contribution to a charity of your choice for a cause you believe in - the list is endless!

Every act of kindness, however big or small you perceive it to be, will make the world a better place.

Remember this is a great opportunity to get involved with helping others and it doesn’t have to stop at the end of Ramadhan.

If you’re interested in volunteering, we welcome you to join our GER community!

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