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An Ode to Mothers – The Elevated Women of Islam

In today’s fleeting and unprecedented times, our parents – especially our mothers – are the closest and most trust-worthy companions we will ever have! We look for them when we’re scared, run to them with our problems, and seek their comforting arms when we’re in need of solace.

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate than to remember that our mothers have a special status in Islam? It might even help you appreciate all the struggles and heartaches our mothers have gone through to bring us into this world and nurture us.

The Qur’an specifically states that we should all first and foremost, respect our parents.

Our mothers were given special status because of the pain and suffering of carrying a life inside them for 9 months, and looking after us in our infant states for the next few years.

No matter what disagreements we might have with our mothers, she taught us how to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, and even to walk when we were young, and for that we should pray for Allah s.w.t to be merciful to her in her old age, instead of treating her as a burden.

Did you know that there is no greater act of worship than loving your mother? Taking care of her is greater than fighting for one’s country.

There is no one more deserving of good treatment than your mother. Even though a father is the provider of a family, the Prophet S.A.W states that the status of a mother is 3 times more than that of a father. Treat your mother to a nice meal, ease her worries and do not use harsh words on her.

It is also stated by the Prophet S.A.W that not honouring your parents is one of the greatest sins, and those who do not look after their mother or father in their old age will not receive the blessings of Jannah.

These hadith and verses of the Qur’an are examples that place special privileges on mothers in Islam which should never be forgotten. Celebrate your mothers while she is still around and treat her with kindness the way she deserves to be!

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