Send a package of goodness to a family today. $500 will provide a family with a food hamper and iftar meals.

Why a Orphan Family Package?

Orphans are often unseen and in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore, these orphans are either under the guidance of a single-parent or close relative. Whereas some are settled in a Children and Young Persons Homes residential care programmes. At Global Ehsan Relief, we hope to care for orphan families this Ramadhan by sharing meals and a food pack in hopes of enlighten their struggle.
Who will I be helping?
These children aged between 7-16 years old have individual cases. Some are living with a foster family or a close relative. They come from various background including dysfunctional families which whom we want to share our love with this Ramadhan.
How Will My Donations Help?
Support our works in caring for orphan families this Ramadhan by sending them a package. We will be providing them iftar meals for 20 days and a food pack that could last throughout Ramadhan. You could help a family by donating $500 or sponsor partially at $250. 
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