Join our community of monthly donors - GEMs (Give Every Month) and help us create life-changing projects for thousands of people. Elevate hardships and provide ease to the elderly, single mothers and the disabled. Your generous monthly donations will automatically support our work in Singapore. 

By joining our GEM programme, you are allowing single mothers to put food on the table, helping the elderly to meet their basic necessities and ensuring babies receive the nutrients they need. More than that, your decision to give is the first form of relief to the urban poor living in Singapore. Spare a thought for your neighbours, send hope and love today. 

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How can I participate?

Joining Gems is so easy. Just choose your monthly giving below from just $10! Our monthly giving program will support our mission of creating a world where charity and compassion produce justice, self-reliance and human development. Your donation goes towards providing meals, looking over the welfare of babies and elderly, ensuring the Urban poor are not left alone. 

Here's how much your monthly gift can help change the world: 

Just $10 a month can help families go day by day with proper meals and allow babies to receive the nutrients they need. 

GEMs $10 

Just $25 a month will help low-income families receive financial assistance, allow single mothers to obtain basic necessities for the family and support underprivileged individuals with their education. 


GEMs $25 

Just $45 a month will allow the elderly and disabled to obtain assistive devices, refurbish worn houses and provide long term solution for individuals to be self-sufficient. 

GEMs $45