to an elderly family by providing a family meal. Just $35 will provide a family of five with a nutritious meal in Ramadhan.
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How Different A Family Iftar Meal Is

Compared to a single iftar meal box catered to individuals, you are helping to secure an iftar meal for a family. We are hoping to bring a smile to needy families with elderly as we provide them with meals every weekday. You could be part of our mission by pledging weekly. 
We aim to sponsor 20 families this Ramadhan. Help us turn this into a reality. 
In 2020, you allowed 2100 people to break fast with a proper meal. 
Who will I be helping?
Last year, you helped us provide 2,100 meals on weekdays during Ramadhan. This year, our aim is to also secure meals for the needy and the elderly too.
How will I be helping?
Did you know 1 in 4 Singaporeans will be aged over 65 years by 2030? Singapore is considered as ageing population, and it is crucial that we look out for the elderly. Your contribution of $35 will support our works in bringing smiles and satisfaction during the blessed month of Ramadhan. All meals will be distributed to the families for 20 days during Ramadhan.
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