Send an Eid Meal to an orphaned or elderly family in welcoming Syawal

Why an Eid Meal?

While muslim families in cities welcome Syawal with festive music, gatherings and food, it's hard to remember those who struggle to put even a decent plate of rice on the table every day. These families include elderly who either live alone or with a family member with disabilities who is also unable to provide monetary support to the household. Single-parent families also fall within this range, and our goal is to share the spirit of Eid with them.
What's in the Meal?
After a whole month of fasting, we welcome Syawal victoriously. We want to to share our blessings with the needy families by giving each family a family platter to enjoy.
How Will My Donations Help?
Support our work in caring for orphaned and elderly families this Eid by sending them a family platter. Each family meal costs $100.
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