Send an Eid gift to an orphaned family in welcoming Syawal

Why an Eid Gift?

In a cosmopolitan city such as Singapore, it's hard to believe there are orphans who live among us. Most of them live under the guardianship of a single-parent or a close relative if a single-parent is not deemed fit to care for a child. On the contrary, some of these children do not reside with any blood relative at all and are instead settled in a Children and Young Persons Homes residential care programmes. At Global Ehsan Relief, we hope to show orphaned families that there are people who wish to share the festivities and look out for them even if they never meet in person.
What's in the Gift Hamper?
After a whole month of fasting, we welcome Syawal victoriously. We want to to share our blessings with the orphaned families by giving each family Eid cookies, Eid clothes and some pocket money.
How Will My Donations Help?
Support our work in caring for orphan families this Eid by sending them a festive hamper. You could send one hamper by donating $250.
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