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Ramadhan 2024 is coming soon, and it is the time to strengthen our iman and take part in good deeds. Islam teaches us that being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of a Muslim character. Together, let’s share our blessings and make this Ramadhan a #MonthofEhsan!


This Ramadhan, Global Ehsan Relief is reaching out to 500 families in need islandwide. With your help, we aim to support them throughout the month with food aid packs for their Iftar and Sahur.

Share your blessings this Ramadhan by sponsoring Iftar Meals our elders in need. Your generosity will ensure that they do not need to worry about their Iftar Meal each day. 

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We're excited to host a community iftar with our orphaned families on a special day in the holy month. Your donations will play a crucial role in creating a memorable and joyous experience for these young children and their families.

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After a whole month of fasting, we welcome Syawal victoriously. We want to share our blessings with our orphaned families by giving each family: Eid Clothes, Eid Cookies and Eid Money.

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Share your blessings this Ramadhan by sponsoring Iftar Meals to the communities who are struggling to put food on the table. Join us as we distribute Daily Iftar Meals to our  families in need!

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Share your blessings this Ramadhan by sponsoring Iftar Meals to our orphaned families islandwide! With your support, we aim to feed these fasting families daily throughout the entire month.

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We would like to show our gratitude this Eid to the migrant labourers who have been instrumental in the development of our country. Our goal is to provide them 1,000 meals.

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Let's spread kindness this Ramadhan! We aim to extend our kindness to those in need by distributing 500 bowls of porridges to individuals on the streets each week.

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