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Ramadhan is here, and it's the time to strengthen our iman and increase our good deeds. Islam teaches us that being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of the Muslim character. Let's work together to share our blessings

this Ramadhan!


This Ramadhan, Global Ehsan Relief is reaching out to 1,000 families in need islandwide. We aim to support them throughout the month with food aid packs for their Iftar and Sahur. Donate now and give them a Ramadhan filled with hope.

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After a whole month of fasting, we welcome Syawal victoriously. We want to share our blessings with our orphaned families by giving each family: Eid Clothes, Festive Cookies and Money.

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Follow in the footsteps of our Beloved Prophet S.A.W. by reviving a sunnah, while giving back to the community today!

Buy it for yourself or gift it to a loved one!


Ramadhan has many values and virtues, such as strengthening one’s relationship with Allah S.W.T. and expressing gratitude to the Almighty.

Find out more ways to improve our faith in our various Ramadhan Resources!

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This Ramadhan, some members of our Ehsan Community are gearing up to give back in a big way! With your support, they aim to fully refurbish a house in need and give a family a beautiful home in time for Eid.


Share your blessings this Ramadhan by sponsoring Iftar Meals to the communities who are struggling to put food on the table. 

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Imagine having to spend another Eid away from home, your loved ones and family. Provide special Eid Meals for our unsung heroes who are living away from home!


Embark on a journey to enrich your Ramadhan with 10 days of Quran classes and coaching!

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Ramadhan is a time for reflection, charity, and community, and this Ramadhan, we want to show our appreciation by sharing a warm and delicious meal of bubur with everyone.

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Fully Sponsored

Orphan Family Ramadhan Package


With $140, you will be providing 4 families with Iftar Meals (family set) to break fast.

Send a package of goodness to a family today.


Eid is the day of gratitude and joy, marking the end of the fasting month. The day of Eid has many values and virtues, such as experiencing joy, rejoicing, maintaining ties of kinship and expressing gratitude to Allah S.W.T.

Best 10 Nights Orphan Family Platter

Our Last 10 Nights campaign focuses on providing orphan families and the elderly  with hot, nutritious and sumptuous meals to break their fasts.

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During the Best 10 Nights, we will be bringing orphan families for a Mass Iftar event to commemorate World Orphan Day!

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